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Be Bold
Book Design
  • Kohler commissioned Span to design a commemorative book for its 150th anniversary. The book celebrates all of the creators who have propelled the company forward with their bold vision. 

  • Working closely with the Kohler team, we wrote, edited, curated, and designed Be Bold. This collaboration resulted in a beautiful catalog of innovation that celebrates the past, examines the present, and looks forward to the next 150 years of Kohler.

Bud Rodecker: Design Direction
Alyssa Arnesen: Design
Donna Speigel: Copy Direction
Melinda Van Leer: Proofreading
Classic Color: Printing
Michael G. Mueller (Kohler): Creative Direction
Krystina Russell (Kohler): Editorial Project Management
Christopher Donlon (Kohler): Production Management
Daniel Arsham Studio: K150 Branding
Designed while at Span

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