Uprise Cannabis

Branding, Website Design

Uprise Cannabis is a start-up driven by the mission to build an environmentally and socially responsible cannabis enterprise. Span created an identity system that is inspired by the cannabis revolution in which people fought for the legalization of marijuana in their home states. The identity system pairs vivid gradients with botanical illustrations to speak to the artisanal product that Uprise is bringing to market. All of this is underpinned by a rigorous typographic system that enables the transparency Uprise hopes to bring at every stage of the cannabis life cycle.

Span created an extensive graphic standards manual that outlines the architecture of the Uprise brand and how it is applied across different touch points. The final identity system for Uprise was created from a combination of multiple sketches we presented in the first round of the branding discovery process.


Bud Rodecker: Design Direction

Alyssa Arnesen: Design

Valeria Bernal: Design

Avery Branen: Design

Darcy Nathanson: Design

Chris Malven: Programming

Designed while at Span