15.5 x 9 IN.  /  INTRO TEXT

1.625 x 1.25 IN.  /  STEP ONE (X-RAYS)

10 x 15.625 IN.  /  STEP TWO (LINE DRAWINGS)

Typography. Research. Illustration. Risography.
Collaboration with Micaela McCabe.

This project applies the steps of a root canal procedure to a personal friendship narrative, essentially “performing a root canal” on the relationship. The idea behind this series is rooted in a semester-long design research project that started with an interest in feedback loops and autopoietic systems capable of reproducing and maintaining themselves. Tangible instances of these systems, such as the regenerative nature of a tooth’s interior, are paired with more impalpable feedback loops, such as the connection between one’s physical and mental health and the symbiotic relationship between a person and their environment.

Through a combination of creative writing, scientific artifacts and layered visuals, these nested and looping relationships are explored within the structure of a root canal procedure. The resulting metaphorical removal of necrosis attempts to heal a friendship that was cannibalized by its constituents as we struggled to navigate our individual and shared connections between mind, body and environment. In progress.

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